The Best Blog Posts I Read in March-April 2016

Here is a list of some of the best blog posts I read in March-April that pertain to the themes of Jesus without Baggage. I hope you find a few articles here that are interesting and useful to you.

If you have written, or read, an article that you think might fit these themes, mention them in comments with a link and I might be able to include them next time. It doesn’t matter when they were written.

Have a great day! ~Tim

Following Jesus without Baggage

Loving Others

Loving Yourself: The Biblical Command We Tend To Forget by Benjamin Corey

Toward a Systematic Theology of Love by April Kelsey

Legalism, Sin, and Behavior

Works vs. Faith by Done with Religion

Inerrancy and Reading the Bible

Angry God

Blood Sacrifices? But God Didn’t Even Like Blood Sacrifices! by Benjamin Corey

Harm Is Not Justice On Earth Or In Heaven by Josh Way

The Resurrection is No Myth, But It Is Dangerous by Adam Ericksen

Who Killed Jesus? by Brian Zahnd


Gays and the Church

5 things you REALLY mean when you say “I don’t approve of your homosexual lifestyle” by Kimberly Knight

An Open Letter to Christian Business Owners by April Kelsey

The Lie Behind the Transgender Bathroom Predator Myth by Libby Anne

How Bathroom Bills Undermine Child Protection by Ryan Stollar

Creation and Evolution

The Great Genetic Bottleneck that Contradicts Ken Ham’s Radical Accelerated Diversification by Natural Historian

The Toba Super-Eruption: The Global Catastrophe that Creationists Ignore by Natural Historian

Extreme Fundamentalism

Why I Can’t Be Complementarian by April Kelsey



Parenting with Hope, not Punishment by Mandy Martin

Raising Children Beyond the Christian Bubble by Cindy Brandt

Purity Culture


Natalie Greenfield: My Story of Abuse, Shaming, and Recovery (excellent hour+ video) by Natalie Greenfield

Ten Things You Should Never Say To An Abuse Victim (And Ten Things You Could Say Instead) by Natalie Greenfield

Do we give “the narcs” more power than they deserve? by Lucky Otter

Israeli Oppression of Palestinians

Other Topics

Paradigm Shifts, Tearing Down the Temples, & Being Here: The Rob Bell Interview by Benjamin Corey

Sorry Not Sorry: We Can Do Better Than Apologetics by Josh Way

Three Glorious Surprises in the Resurrection by Josh Way

Why Are You Even a Christian? by Josh Way

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8 Responses to The Best Blog Posts I Read in March-April 2016

  1. luckyotter says:

    Tim, thank you for including my post on this list! 🙂 It’s a great thing to wake up to.
    Also, I’ll be checking out the other articles here too, and maybe find some more blogs to read.

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  2. David says:

    Thanks for pulling this together again – its great to have a source of info on people blogging similar things.

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  3. opinemine says:

    Love your list.

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