The Best Blog Posts I Read in January-February 2016

Here is a list of some of the best blog posts I read in January-February that pertain to the themes of Jesus without Baggage. I hope you find a few articles here that are interesting and useful to you. Have a great day!


Following Jesus without Baggage

Loving Others

My Son Shot 10 Amish Girls In a Pennsylvania Schoolhouse by Terri Roberts

Legalism, Sin, and Behavior

Can Morality be a ‘Defense’ of Christianity? by Lana Hope

Depravity: The Sickest Thing I Used to Believe by Josh Way

Old Slogan: “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” vs New Slogan: “Love People, Forgive the Sin” by Bible-Thumping Liberal

Myth #11 “The Penalty For Sin Is Death” Don Francisco Website

Substitutionary atonement distorts the good news by Chuck Queen

Inerrancy and Reading the Bible

Unsystematic Theology by Josh Way

Breathing new life into troublesome Christian ideas by Evangelical Liberal

Reading the Old Testament Historical Books by Pete Enns

How to Cherry-Pick the Bible by Matthew Distefano

Is The Bible Lying? by Dan Wilkinson

Angry God

Reframing the Question of Jesus and Divinity by Josh Way


What I’m Going To Tell My Daughter About Hell by Josh Way

Isaiah 14 and the Real “Lucifer” by Josh Way

So Much Bigotry Comes Down to the Doctrine of Hell by Lana Hope

If Hell Is Real, Why Did God Wait So Darn Long To Warn Us About It? by Benjamin Corey

Gays and the Church

Christians, You Do NOT Have Permission to Condemn LGBT by Susan Cottrell

LGBTQ – God is NOT Mad at You and Never Has Been by Susan Cottrell

What Do You Do When Your Son Is Gay? by Susan Cottrell

How the Daughter of a Focus on the Family Executive Came Out as Gay by Amber Cantorna

No, Franklin Graham, LGBTQ Children Are Not The Enemy by Benjamin Corey

Creation and Evolution

Are Ruminants Derived from a Common Ancestor? by Natural Historian

An Armadillo Test Case of YEC Post-flood Dispersal Speed by Natural Historian

Extreme Fundamentalism

What does brainwashing do? by Jonny Scaramanga


How “The Village” Illustrates Isolated, Fear-Based Homeschooling by Eleanor Skelton

Isn’t This Why We Don’t Send Them to Public School? by Eleanor Skelton

Socialization Isn’t a Freaking Joke by Samantha Field

About My Homeschool Success Story by Libby Anne


Dear Christian Parent: Please Don’t Try To Break Their Will by Benjamin Corey

Purity Culture

Not a Nice Story: the crushing of girls in fundamentalism by Darcy


Bill Gothard’s Abuse is not a Surprise by Lana Hope

He Never Left by Val Flynn

Israeli Oppression of Palestinians

5 Reasons We So Blindly Support Israel in Spite of the Truth or Biblical Ethics by Benjamin Corey

Other Topics

Becoming an apprentice by Karen

Let’s Talk About John 14:6 by Josh Way

Why I Am Still a Christian by JR Daniel Kirk

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11 Responses to The Best Blog Posts I Read in January-February 2016

  1. Lana says:

    good to see the hs stories on here. You are very kind to acknowledge this part of fundamentalism.

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  2. Eleanor Skelton says:

    The post about how a daughter of a Focus on the Family executive was actually by Amber Cantorna. It was just crossposted onto the HA site by Eleanor Skelton. 😉


  3. Eleanor Skelton says:


    How “The Village” Illustrates Isolated, Fear-Based Homeschooling by R.L. Stollar
    Isn’t This Why We Don’t Send Them to Public School? by Wende Benner

    Both of those are by me, crossposted by Ryan and Wende.

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Wow! I missed those, too. They are corrected.

      When compiling these lists, it is sometimes weeks after I have read the article. I guess I need to look more carefully for cross-posts. Thanks again.

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  5. David says:

    Very helpful links, thanks for doing this.

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