The Best Blog Posts I Read in November-December

Here is a list of some of the best blog posts I read in November-October that pertain to the themes of Jesus without Baggage. I hope you find a few articles here that are interesting and useful to you. Have a great day!


Following Jesus without Baggage

Loving Others

The Flow of Love by Brandan Robertson

Make Sure To READ THIS Before Making Care Packages For The Homeless! by The Veterans Site

The Texan Assault on Christianity: Where’s The Persecution Crowd Now? by Benjamin Corey

My Response: African American Complaints & The Gun Problem by Jesse Dooley

The Church’s Role in Keeping White Supremacy Alive Dr. Susan K. Smith

Packing heat in Jesus’ name? Three things he might say about that Ben Irwin

Legalism, Sin, and Behavior

3 alternatives to saying the sinner’s prayer with your kids by Ben Irwin

Pastor Says God Curses People Who Don’t Give Money To Church by Tim’s Blog

What is Sin? The Word Just Drips With Shame by Susan Cottrell

Inerrancy and Reading the Bible

Dear Professor: Is This Class Going to Challenge My Faith and Make Me Uncomfortable? by Whitney Cox

5 Things I Wish Christians Would Admit About The Bible by John Pavlovitz

Emotional Intelligence and Sola Scriptura by Richard Beck

Why Two Christmas Stories Are Better Than One by Josh Way

It’s (Never) Bible Clobberin’ Time by Josh Way

Is the Bible inerrant? by Evangelical Liberal

The Bible – a question of interpretation? by Evangelical Liberal

The Bible – truly perfect and perfectly true? by Evangelical Liberal

What does the Bible really say about inerrancy? by Evangelical Liberal


Gays and the Church

Franklin Graham is right, there is sin in homosexuality by Kimberly Knight

LGBTQ Rights And The Hypocritical Christian Outrage Over Sharia Law by Benjamin Corey

One Million Moms Declares War on Children of Gay Parents by Libby Anne

My Family is Using the Bible to Condemn My Gay Son – How Can I Respond? by Susan Cottrell

Creation and Evolution

Dinosaurs and Humans Living Together? The LSDYEC Apologetic of Ken Ham by Natural Historian

Dinosaurs, Dragons and Ken Ham: The Literal Reality of Mythological Creatures by Natural Historian

Where did all the Dinosaurs Go? Ken Ham’s Climate and Human-Induced Dinosaur Extinction Hypothesis by Natural Historian

Comparing Dinosaur Talks for Kids by Natural Historian

Ken Ham’s Darwinism: On The Origin of Species by Means of Hyper-Evolution Following Noah’s Flood by Natural Historian

Is Ken Ham’s Rapid Post-Flood Diversification Really Evolution? by Natural Historian

“Oceans of Kansas,” Unexpected Fossils, and Young Earth Creationism by Age of Rocks

Answers in Genesis, the Moon Landing, and Conspiracy Theories: Oh, the Irony! by Joel Anderson

10 Misconceptions about Evolution by Jim Stump

The New Fundamentalism



Michael Pearl: Don’t Let Your Kids Play with Public School Kids by Libby Anne

Purity Culture

What does the Bible say about purity? by April Kelsey


Rebuking the abused in the name of Jesus by Boz Tchividjian

An unholy alliance: When mob forgiveness meets selective grace by Boz Tchividjian

Bill Gothard Defenders Center Obedience by Libby Anne

Neo-Reformed Church Planting Networks by Christian Patriarchal Watch List for Parents

The Scandal of Silence by Mary Ellen Mann

Israeli Oppression of Palestinians

5 Reasons Why I’m A Christian Who Stopped Supporting Israel by Benjamin Corey

Rabin’s assassination: A night that changed Israel’s history — and my life by Jessica Ravitz

Other Topics

Rob Bell’s new video, reclaiming the word “evangelical” by Ben Irwin

Evangelicalism, Questioners, and Seeking Truth by Joe Olachea

The Blood of American Christianity Will Be the Seed of the Church by Benjamin Corey

What do you mean when you talk about salvation? by Karen Dennison

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4 Responses to The Best Blog Posts I Read in November-December

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for including my post “Pastor Says God Curses People Who Don’t Give Money To Church” on this list, Tim!

    A fellow Tim.

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Hello fellow Tim! I thought your post was very good; I don’t see very many posts of this caliber on financial demands, threats, and exploitation in the church.

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  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for including my post…I feel special 🙂 I now also have heaps of reading to do and check out all these awesome blogs.

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Karen, I have enjoyed reading your posts since I found your blog recently. I think your article listed here shows a lot of insight on a complex theological issue written in a simple down-to-earth style.

      I do notice just now that I listed the author as Misfits on Fire rather than using your name. This is an unintentional oversight, and I have corrected it.


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