Where Does the Blog Go from Here—Your Choice (a poll)

Hey Guys! We just completed a series on Jesus’ early work in Galilee and I would like to know your preferences for the next series. The new topic will begin the first of the year, with non-series posts between now and then.

Here are brief descriptions of several potential topics for you to consider. Please let me know your first choice for what you would like to see. You can also add comments, suggest a topic not on the list, or indicate a ‘second choice’ in the comments section below.

Following Jesus without Baggage

Continuing the Jesus Study

One option is to follow-up the recently completed Jesus Begins His Work study. Possible follow-ups are:

What Does Jesus Teach His Followers? We do not hear much of Jesus’ actual teaching in Jesus Begins His Work, but immediately after that he chooses his apostles and begins to teach them and the crowds. This series will look at his teaching; we will be especially interested to see if he teaches judgment, condemnation, legalism, or other religious baggage, or whether he demonstrates love, reconciliation, and acceptance.

What Jesus Says about the Kingdom of God and Its Significance. When I mention the kingdom of God in an article, I often get questions about what the kingdom of God is, or what it means. People sometimes assume it is the same as the church or worldwide Christendom, but this is not the case. Others mistakenly seem to think it refers to ‘heaven’ or a condition at the end of time. We will look at what Jesus says about this very important issue.

Jesus Confronts the Pharisees. In Jesus Begins His Work, Jesus has several brushes with the Pharisees; those conflicts escalate as his work continues. Many of the passages people exhibit as examples of Jesus’ judgment relate to his interactions with the Pharisees. Part of our goal will be to examine those passages to determine whether Jesus is, in fact, judgmental and condemnatory.

Other Jesus Topic (specify). If there is another topic of Jesus’ life and work you would like to suggest, you can do so in the comments section.

Harmful Beliefs

Some of the most popular topics on the blog are about harmful religious beliefs (baggage) we were taught in our various traditions. You might prefer a series along those lines.

What the Bible is Not. The Bible, of course, is of major importance to believers; but it is important to understand and approach the Bible properly. This series will focus on proper and improper approaches to the Bible, and we will also look at several invalid ways people use the Bible.

How Should We Understand Sin and Salvation? A very difficult and harmful problem for some believers is an unhealthy theory of what sin is and how we should deal with ‘sin’. Closely associated with this is an equally harmful theory of how ‘salvation’ works. We will discuss both.

Rapture Theology and End Times Baggage. One of the first doctrines I questioned, examined, and rejected was dispensationalism, which is most known for its rapture and end-times theology. But it also includes several other harmful and terribly misguided beliefs.

Other Doctrinal Topic (specify). If there is another topic on harmful religious baggage you would like to suggest, you can do so in the comments section.

I hope you will participate and give me some direction. I can really use it!

Thanks! ~Tim

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12 Responses to Where Does the Blog Go from Here—Your Choice (a poll)

  1. Jodee Roeker says:

    I’m interested all these topics but for next going on to “what does Jesus teach his followers.” My Spiritual Director says I need to really fall in love with Jesus, not just an intellectual love. I just go in and out of that.


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  3. omisarah says:

    What was different about Nicodemus that he braved current/popular/historic interpretations of prophecy in order to recognize the thief in the night? I believe Christians will miss the return of Christ if they do not cultivate within themselves the ability to discern God’s truth from human limited literalism. Jesus was a parablist.


  4. Jodene Roeker says:

    Tim: I already voted for Jesus’ teaching. I have more to add to my previous comment. I am a fairly new Christian about 5 years. I do hear there is a lot of pick & chose what you want to emphasize. Also, misinterpretations & other “baggage.” I am really confused about some of this? I’m interested in seeing the overall view of what Jesus really taught but i think this also has to include some of the ways Jesus teachings were twisted or misinterpreted that is “baggage.” I think some of this has to do with people’s brains & how they think, but there are things that are just not accurate.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Hi Jodene. I thought it was interesting in this first ever poll that the doctrinal topics all received more votes than the Jesus topics, but I was not shocked. People always respond more when I deal with baggage issues than when I focus directly on the life of Jesus. This is perhaps to be expected because of the target audience. However, I do include, and explain, the teachings and actions of Jesus in my baggage articles too.

      A lot of people do frequently accuse other believers (like me) of picking and choosing; some call it ‘cherry-picking’ the Bible. What they generally mean is that the cherry-picker chooses what they like and ignores what they don’t like. This is not at all accurate. I could easily accuse them of the same thing if I wished.

      Differences of opinion are often caused by the way one approaches the Bible. If one believes the Bible is completely the inerrant word of God, then one winds up with angry, vindictive God, legalism, and other baggage.

      If one realizes the Bible was written by humans over a long period of time about how they imagined God to be, then they approach each part of the Bible with that in mind. The most important information we have is what Jesus has to say about a loving God, the kingdom of God breaking into our lives, and how we should live in the light of all that. It is a much different result.

      It looks as though I will not be doing a series on the teachings of Jesus soon but, as I said, I will certainly include his teachings, and misunderstandings about his teachings, in my other articles. But if there are specific issues you want to discuss soon, perhaps I can address them with you right here. If so, let me know what they are.

      Have a great day! ~Tim


      • Jodee Roeker says:

        Thanks for you resply. Whatever way you go is fine with me. I love the way you write about this stuff (teachings, doctrine & baggage). You have a loving & perceptive mind. Every time I read some you’ve written, I learn a lot.
        I think what I’m signed up for is the bog posts, right? And now I think I understand how to email you directly vs comment on the bog community discussion. This blog stuff is new to me. Are there other articles that I need to sign up for?


        • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

          Yes, you are signed up for blog posts. The only other things you can sign up for at this time are the Jesus without Baggage Facebook page and Twitter. You can find the sign up buttons to the column on the right of each page.

          Do you have a question or two right now about Jesus’ teaching?


      • Chas says:

        Tim, I like your paragraph: ‘If one realizes the Bible was written by humans over a long period of time about how they imagined God to be, then they approach each part of the Bible with that in mind. The most important information we have is what Jesus has to say about a loving God.’ We can see the real God in the gospel writers’ observations of, and experiences in, the Kingdom of God in action.


  5. consultgtf says:

    Great! Let us move into different boats but keep our destination fixed.


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