The Best Blog Posts I Read in October

Here is a list of some of the best blog posts I read in October that pertain to the themes of Jesus without Baggage. This month’s list is published a couple days early, but I will add any articles from the next two days to the November-December list.

I hope you find a few articles here that are interesting and useful to you. Have a great day!


Following Jesus without Baggage

Loving Others

Legalism, Sin, and Behavior

Three Reasons Why We Don’t Pray the Sinner’s Prayer With Our Children by Cindy Brandt

Inerrancy and Reading the Bible

3 ways to see the Bible “as an adult” by Pete Enns

I’m tired of calling God “God”—and it might even be unbiblical by Pete Enns

Taking seriously what the Bible’s messiness has to teach us about faith by Pete Enns

Using the Bible To Run From Jesus (What If Jesus Actually Is Enough?) by Benjamin Corey

Rethinking the Bible by Evangelical Liberal

Graven Image by Flying in the Spirit

Beware of Falling Scripture by Susan Cottrell

Angry, Violent, Vindictive God


Gays and the Church

Creation and Evolution

Bones of Contention III: ICR Claims Homo naledi Fossils are of an “Imaginary Creature” by Natural Historian

Homo naledi continues to confuse creationists by EvoAnth

The New Fundamentalism


Grad School after Home Schooling by Lana Hope

An ATI Education, Chapter 2: Is It Just Me? by Sara Jones


Are abuse survivors best served when institutions investigate themselves? by Boz Tchividjian

Caught in the spotlight: Christian leaders who mishandle sexual abuse disclosures by Boz Tchividjian

Sex offenders in the pews: Let’s not be deceived by Boz Tchividjian

The Pedophile’s Deception by April Kelsey

Ministering to Pedophiles by April Kelsey

Most child molesters ‘religious,’ often target church members by Paula Ross

The Tragedy of Shaming  by Natalie Greenfield

Israeli Domination and Oppression of Palestinians

If The Bible Commands Us To Bless Israel, It Commands Us To Bless Muslims Too by Benjamin Corey

Life-time Zionists Choose to Boycott Israel by Steven Levitsky and Glen Weyl

Other Topics

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2 Responses to The Best Blog Posts I Read in October

  1. sheila0405 says:

    I always enjoy your lists. I read many of those you listed. I reposted the one on blessing Muslims by Benjamin Corey, because I am in the middle of a conversation in which self professed Christians are spewing vitriol regarding Muslims. Having the link right at hand was great.


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