The Best Blog Posts I Read in September

Here is a list of some of the best blog posts I read in September that pertain to the themes of Jesus without Baggage. If it is well received I plan to repeat the list each month with the best posts read the previous month.

I hope you find a few articles here that are interesting and useful to you. Have a great day!


Following Jesus without Baggage

Loving Others

How To Judge Less, Love More, And Grow Your Heart In Just Six Weeks by Benjamin Corey

What Jesus Meant When He Said, “I Didn’t Come To Bring Peace, But A Sword” by Benjamin Corey

Thoughts on Refugees: How Our Cultural Norms Inhibit Our Welcoming other Cultures by Lana Hope

Inerrancy and Reading the Bible

5 insights about the Old Testament from Modern Biblical Scholarship by Peter Enns

Don’t Expect More from the Bible than You Would of Jesus by Peter Enns

How Did Jesus Fulfill the Hebrew Scriptures? by Jesse Dooley

Why Standing Against Islamic Violence Forces You To Rethink Biblical Inerrancy by Benjamin Corey


The 3 Biblical Options for a Theology of Hell by Benjamin Corey

A Sincere Question For My Friends Who Believe In Hell by Benjamin Corey

Creation and Evolution

Bones of Contention: How Will Creationists Respond To A Huge New Hominid Fossil Find? by Natural Historian

Bones of Contention II: Ape, Human or Fraud? Young Earth Creationists Respond to the Dinaledi Chamber Fossil Discovery by Natural Historian

When Peer Review Lets You Down: A YEC Quote Problem by Natural Historian

Losing Faith in the Wisdom of Young Earth Creationists by Age of Rocks

Coral Reefs are too Old to be Young! By Age of Rocks

Why the ‘Biblical’ Ice Age is a Creationist Myth by Age of Rocks

Gays and the Church

The Punctuation Mark That Might Change How You Read Romans by Dan Wilkinson

How Kim Davis’s Imprisonment Is A Win for Religious Liberty by Brandan Robertson

Why this Christian says Christianity is Harmed by Kim Davis and Her Fans by David Gushee

The New Fundamentalism

A Grand Deception: The Successful Response of Sex Offenders by Boz Tchividjian

Other Topics

Fundamentalism is Toxic by Jesse Dooley

3 Things that are NOT Persecution by Jeremy Myers

Israel and Palestine: A Very Short Introduction by Jewish Voice for Peace

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7 Responses to The Best Blog Posts I Read in September

  1. Some brilliant stuff here Tim – thanks for sharing the links.


  2. sheila0405 says:

    I read some of those. Love the list! I’m going to go a-readin’ now!


  3. Lana says:

    Thank you very much.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Lana, I think you know that I admire you and love your blog. I am happy to include some of your posts here because they are so pertinent to the themes of my blog; I already have one in the list for next month.

      The reason I didn’t include more is that, while your posts are very enriching to me, not all of them are directly relevant to my blog issues and target audiences. However, I am always ready to recommend your blog, and I think that the series your started today on God and philosophy might be of great interest to some of my readers.


  4. Chas says:

    I quite liked ‘not peace, but a sword.’ What tends to happen (from personal experience) is that we do not separate ourselves (spiritually) from our family, but that they separate themselves from us. They might have suffered from condemnation/judgement/intimidation from ‘Christians’ in the past, so they assume that when we undergo a Spiritual awakening, we shall become the same, so they themselves become condemnational and judgmental, and try to intimidate us to make us deny or move away from what we have experienced. This is likely to be our first test of faith, because it is necessary for us to be willing to risk losing their love for us, rather than lose our newborn love for God. Each time we overcome these fears, we move closer to God, our ultimate goal.


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