Day 3: How Would you Respond to this Situation?

This is Day 3 of a five-day exercise on loving and caring for others based on the Good News of Jesus that the Father loves and cares for us. You can read the introduction to these exercises on the Day 1 post.

What do I do now?

You are driving down the road and come upon a car that has pulled over to the side. The driver appears to need help.

What is your response? Think about it. What are the considerations involved?

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10 Responses to Day 3: How Would you Respond to this Situation?

  1. sheila0405 says:

    This has happened to me. I stay in my car, and through open window offer to call for help on my cell phone.


  2. tinapumfrey says:

    Considerations: is it daylight or dark? Is the driver a man or a woman? Alone or accompanied? For that matter, am I alone or with my husband or family? Is the road busy, or almost deserted? You present a simple scenario, but there could be many variables. My husband might be comfortable getting out to help, but I would do just what sheila0405 did–staying in the car while making a phone call is a safe way of offering assistance.


  3. I’ll be entirely honest with you – in reality what I’m likely to do these days is drive on past and offer up a guilty prayer that God will (a) send them better help and (b) forgive me!

    It does depend a little on other things – who else I’ve got in the car, how much I’m rushing to be somewhere else, whether it looks like the help required is something I can do or not. But in general I tend to assume that the person will have a mobile phone and there’s little other assistance I’ll feel comfortable in offering.


  4. jesuswithoutbaggage says:

    Good answers! These are important situations to work through, and they take some forethought. Thanks for participating.


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  9. fiddlrts says:

    With the obvious caveat that I would be wary of a situation that looked dangerous, I have helped in this situation. I can think of a few where I helped push a disabled car out of the roadway, and have offered use of my cell. Just on my vacation last week, I was asked twice to help jump start a vehicle. (I must look like someone who has cables…which I do.) Clearly, though, the considerations for me are 1. Does this look like a setup for a robbery or other danger? (Unlikely in broad daylight with others around.) 2. Is this something I have the ability to help with? Or would it be more helpful to call for professional assistance. My answer to this probably differs from others because of my gender and age (less likely to be targeted, young enough to push a car without hurting myself) and my experience (reasonably good with cars.) From a theological perspective, this comes down to a “do unto others” issue. I have been helped by others when in a predicament, and I really appreciate it. Yes, this includes the woman who (back in my pre-cell phone days) gave me a short ride to a telephone, even though I was young man, and she was alone. And many others.


  10. michaeleeast says:

    Scary question.
    Jesus says to help.
    I’m not sure.


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