A Hiatus Notice and Christian Evolution’s Post on My Favorite Topic

A Hiatus Notice

I want to share with my regular readers that I am taking a hiatus from posting original material for the next few weeks in order to focus on other important business. However, I will monitor comments and interact with them.

You may also email me at the email address listed on the contact page. I look forward eagerly to returning to a regular posting schedule.

Christian Evolution’s Post on My Favorite Scriptural Topic

My friend at Christian Evolution recently blogged a short post dear to my heart. He takes a brief look at what he calls Seven Solid Gold Bible Verses. He provides a brief introduction to each verse, and they are golden nuggets indeed.

You can click the link below to see his post. I highly recommend it!

Seven Solid Gold Bible Verses

I will see you again soon! ~Tim

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1 Response to A Hiatus Notice and Christian Evolution’s Post on My Favorite Topic

  1. Chas says:

    While the Bible verses did little for me, the subject of Christian Evolution led to a very interesting insight:
    Evolution combines together two mechanisms. First, variation is introduced into genes – stretches of DNA – by various mechanisms; and second, the consequences of these mutations are tested out by the criterion of reproductive success – the extent to which mutations impact on the ability of individual organisms to generate (surviving and reproducing) offspring. Dennis R Alexander
    (my italics).
    This illustrates the way that evolution has been used by God to pave the way to human beings. We are the survivors of a continuous process of destruction.


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