Jonny Scaramanga Confronts Hell

My friend Jonny Scaramanga posted There is Definitely No Such Thing as Hell on his blog Leaving Fundamentalism. It is a good article, and he particularly got my attention with his comparison of a loving God to a loving parent.

Jonny said:

I would like anyone who defends the idea of hell to tell me their response to this scenario:

You know a child who is a little scumbag. They are deliberately evil at every opportunity. At five years old, they deliberately bite their sibling on the nose, causing permanent scarring. They scream whenever they are told to do anything. They knock over bookshelves because they think it’s funny. They write their name on car doors. With keys. They mutilate animals for fun.

The child’s mother warns them that if this continues, she will hold the child’s face on a hot stove for five minutes. The child ignores repeated warnings over a space of several months. Eventually, as the child had been told she would, the mother takes the child and forces their head onto the stove. The child screams in agony but the mother does not loosen her grip.

What do you think of this mother’s actions?

What is your response to Jonny’s scenario?

You may wish to read his entire article; I recommend it.

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5 Responses to Jonny Scaramanga Confronts Hell

  1. sheila0405 says:

    I read the article and Jonny actually used my own reasoning when it comes to hell. I’d never torment either of my children, no matter how badly they treated me! I recommend this blog post, too.


  2. lotharson says:

    Hello Tim, I really find it great and reblogged it on my blog:

    I find it great there are nice and respectful atheists such as Jonny with whom we share a common goal out there.

    It is truly depressing for me to see anti-theistic and fundamentalist extremists yelling at each other in America (and to a lesser extent in the whole Western world).

    I just wrote a post about such a militant atheist advocating the burning of Bible:

    They have kept a fundamentalist mindset and a binary way ot thinking .

    I would greatly appreciate your own thoughts on this last post of mine, though you might disagree with me that it is good to confront evildoers whoever they are.

    I think that as progressive Christians , we ought to respond to the critiques of both fundies and anti-theists, which is often a similar task since the latter ones are most often former conservative believers.

    Lovely greetings in Christ.

    P.S: hopefully we will find the time to chat somewhere. If not during this lifetime, then in heaven with a divine version of Skype 🙂


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