Gay Christian Leader Justin Lee on CNN

Gay Christian leader Justin Lee made an important statement on CNN about the current Arizona freedom of religion bill.

For anyone trying to sort out issues about gays and Christianity, I recommend Justin’s book Torn without hesitation. It is by far the best book I have read on this topic.

You can access the 7-minute spot on CNN by clicking the link below.

See Justin Lee on CNN Here

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4 Responses to Gay Christian Leader Justin Lee on CNN

  1. Marc says:

    I liked what Justin said about forcing someone to provide a service associated with a same sex ceremony of union. At a time of joy and celebration, why would you want to involve someone who had negative feelings about the event? I would hope that our society is large and diverse enough that folks of what ever ethnic, religious, or sexual orientation can always find professional services provided by those who are happy to do business.


  2. sheila0405 says:

    I also agree with Marc, and I love Justin Lee. He has a channel on YouTube, and it was watching those videos that make me stop and rethink my own ideas about gays and the Bible.

    What some businesses are finding as objectionable are the tactics some gays have used. Borrowing from the civil rights era, they deliberately go to a Christian business which they know is hostile to gay rights, and seek service. It’s the same as blacks going into the local deli and taking seats at the counter. I’m not sure how I feel about this. As Justin said, it is a complex issue.

    You can look at a black person and see his color, and understand that God designed him in that way. You can’t tell by looking that a person is gay, and thus, it becomes easy for the anti-gay religious folks to say that it is a choice.

    I do not understand why any business would turn gay couples away. The perfect way to demonstrate the love of Christ is to engage with gays. I don’t think anyone pays attention to the photographer, or the florist, or the baker of the cake, during a wedding. I doubt that anyone gives a thought as to the sexual orientation of those service providers, or how they think about gay marriage. It’s fear of being labeled as a pro gay marriage advocate that stops Christians from engaging with gays who are getting married. And, that’s a shame. Perfect love casts out fear, right?


    • Sheila, Justin Lee is one of my favorite bloggers. He makes a lot of sense on the big issues without getting into arguments on minor issues. I think he is a major force in creating harmony among side-A Christians, side-B gay Christians, and straight Christians.


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