Sticks and Stones

sticks and stones ~Tim Chastain

An original quote by Tim Chastain for your consideration. I hope you have a wonderful day!
Image credit: Tim Chastain via The Quote Factory
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9 Responses to Sticks and Stones

  1. michaeleeast says:

    We underestimate the power of words, especially when we’re children.


  2. sheila0405 says:

    YES! My word for 2014 (concept borrowed [stolen?] from Registered Runaway) is ‘safe’. I want my words and deed to be a safe place for the people in my life. So far I have already had to go to Confession for violating my own precept, but I’m pretty well on track. My biggest temptation is taking bait when it is thrown at me. I love your quote, Tim.


  3. Mere Dreamer says:

    I find it interesting how backwards it has been historically, as though physical wounds were the ultimate trauma. Our social system is built around the “words will never hurt me” idea in so many ways … leaving those who bear inner wounds without support or even sympathy. When we protect a child who is beaten, but not one who is being told he is worthless every day, then doesn’t that say everything about our view of what a wound actually is?

    I like the revised quote. MUCH better.


    • Dreamer, I like your comparison of the wounds those who are beaten to those who are told they are worthless. Both are real wounds, though one is more visible than the other.


    • sheila0405 says:

      Dreamer: Those inner wounds are often inflicted in the name of total parental authority over the raising and education of children. Visit some homeschooling survivor blogs and you’ll see the great harm done by such words. I suggest starting with Homeschoolers Anonymous on wordpress. So many of those children did not then, nor do they now, have any protection. The HSLDA has successfully lobbied to get homeschooling families out from under any reasonable oversight. It’s quite chilling. As a former fundamentalist myself, I can tell you that real pain is inflicted with no recourse.


      • Yes, many homeschooled children are victims in this way. A lot of fundamentalists follow the horrible teachings from the books of a very misguided man and his wife.


      • Mere Dreamer says:

        I agree, Sheila. Having experienced those wounds myself, I find it regrettable that more people do not think as we do.

        Changing an entire social structure feels like an impossibility … but even speaking out and being ignored is better than resigning oneself. I’m glad there are others who spotlight the problems as well.


  4. May I have permission to use this photo and your quote in a presentation that includes emotional abuse? I plan to present “Ministering Hope to the Hurting Heart” training course to train those that have the calling to minister to survivors of abuse and I was looking for a photo to capture the lie of sticks and stones saying and your photo came up in advance Google photo search.


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