A Wonderful Report from the Gay Christian Network Conference

I was unable to attend the very important Gay Christian Network Conference, but this is a wonderful report from blogger Rachel Held Evans.

Rachel says:

I went to the Gay Christian Network’s “Live It Out” conference in Chicago a little unsure of what to expect, a little perplexed that someone like me would be invited, and a little freaked out about what to say as a straight woman to a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Christians — many of whom have been severely wounded by the Church.

I was touched by her quote from one observer:

From the denominational leader who was sent by his superiors to the conference “see what these people are so angry about.”

He choked up as he said, “I’m going to go back and tell them you’re not angry. You weren’t anything like I expected you to be. I’m going to go back and tell them you’ve been hurt and it’s our denomination that needs to change, not you.”

See Rachel’s entire article at:

Good Fruit: Thoughts on the Gay Christian Network Conference

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13 Responses to A Wonderful Report from the Gay Christian Network Conference

  1. michaeleeast says:

    I read Rachel Evans report.
    With news coming through this morning of more arrests and torture of gay people n Nigeria it was good to read a positive religious message about gays.
    Gay people have to live the truth. Its part of their development. If they don’t its living a lie. And that’s a kind of death.
    So I was not surprised to find that the gay conference was full of truth and tears and joy.


  2. lotharson says:

    I gave a very strong theological argument for the acceptance of lifelong commited homosexual relationships within the Church.

    Interstingly enough I was challenged by a bigot of the Gospel Coalition who made up evidence allegedly showing the harmfulness of homosexuality.

    Otherwise Tim, I have just written a post about Ken’s Ham declaration that Christianity is disappearing for lack of Young Earth Creationism.

    I am sure that you and your readers could bring up very interesting thoughts on that topic there.

    Lovely greetings in Christ.


    • Lothar, I just read your post on Ken Hamm this morning; it is a good post.

      I think when young conservative Christians begin to reason for themselves, and have access to wider information than they find in conservative Christianity, they react against those untenable ‘truths’ they have been taught, such as homophobia, creationism, angry God, hell, and legalism.

      Unfortunately, as they discard the baggage that has been attached to the message of Jesus, they discard Jesus and God as well.


  3. Gary Blinn says:

    I have, for a while now, stopped using labels such as “straight” or “gay” Christians. A christian is a person involved in faith in God and follows Christ. Period.


  4. Marc says:

    I refuse to accept the terminology “gay” for homosexual behavior. It is corruption of the language and a distortion of what homosexual behavior is about. Homosexuality is an affliction that effects Christians and non Christians. It is as evil to persecute anyone who is afflicted with this condition, as it is any affliction. It is absurd to believe that marriage can be a state for homosexuals, and that homosexuality is not an affliction. Like all human afflictions, homosexuality is temporary.


    • michaeleeast says:

      I can assure you that homosexuality is not an affliction.
      We may experience difficulties in life but this is prejudice and fear.
      There is nothing temporary about homosexuality.
      We are gay when we are children and we are gay when we are old.
      I am perfectly happy to be a gay man..


    • Marc, I think homosexuality is temporary–and so is heterosexuality. My guess is that when we experience the transformation from our current life to eternal life in the Father’s new world, sexuality might well be obsolete and replaced by something greater.

      In the meantime, I agree with you that no one should persecute others for who they are.


      • Marc says:

        Thanks for your points of clarity Tim. I understand that Michael believes that his homosexuality is permanent, but I meant temporary in the way that you affirmed.

        I suspect you are correct in your observation about sexuality in the New Creation. I think our glorified bodies will not have the sexual “plumbing” our current bodies do. I remember watching the movie “Cocoon” were the aliens “shared themselves” with a burst of energy focused on the one with whom they wanted to be intimate. Seemed like kind of nice way to give and receive pleasure.

        If our Lord’s experience between the Resurrection and Ascension is a revelation about our glorified bodies, we can enjoy a meal without needing to fuel a metabolism to sustain our lives and we will not need the plumbing associated with our current body’s metabolic needs either.


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