My Most Popular Posts of 2013

My first year as a blogger has come to a close. I learned a lot, made mistakes, and realized how much more I need to learn. I want to thank my readers who made this blog viable and the commenters who added so much to the conversation.

Of the 116 posts last year, these seven became the most popular among readers. Click on the titles to see the posts.

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1. The God of the Old Testament vs. the Father of the New Testament

When writing a blog post, I have no idea how it will be received by readers. Some of these top seven surprised me, but I am not surprised that this post from 8-13 made the list. Many people have concerns about the conflicting portrayals of God in the Old and New Testaments.

2. Are Christian Persecuted in America?

This is another topic that seems to engage people, but I didn’t expect it to become a top favorite. After it was posted on 6-6 it had a viral spurt on 7-27 and became #1 on my most popular list for several months. My conclusion in the post is that Christians are not persecuted in America, and I give specific reasons.

3. How is Faith in God Different from Superstition?

My post from 5-6 was in answer to a question from an atheist blogger. I do not think faith in God is the same as superstition, but you might not guess why.

4. Is the Bible Inerrant?

This post from my first weeks as a blogger (1-30) is the beginning of a series I wrote on inerrancy and the Bible.

5. Conditional Immortality and Natural Death

This 3-27 post was the conclusion to a series on hell that began with What about Hell?, which is #7 below. I propose annihilation as the most likely consequence for any who might reject God’s offer of eternal life.

6. The Fall of Satan in the Book of Enoch

This is another surprise for me. In October, I wrote a well-followed series on whether Satan exists. There are other posts in the series that I might expect to see on this list, but for some reason it was this post on Enoch from 10-10 (late in the year) that climbed steadily to the #6 position.

7. What about Hell?

What about Hell, from 3-14, is my first post in the series on hell. So both the introduction and the conclusion of that series reached the most popular list.


I hope you find this review of most popular posts enjoyable. My first original post of 2014 is already in preparation.

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I invite your comments and observations below.
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