Why Hope and Vapid Optimism are not the Same Thing

This is one of my favorite blogs in a long time. Nadia Bolz Weber talks about Christian hope in a refreshing and inspirational way.  Here is one snippet,

It all reminds me of that story at the end of Luke’s gospel when a few days after Jesus’ death a couple of his disciples were walking the road to Emmaus trying to make sense of what had just happened in Jerusalem….the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, the shared meal, the betrayal, the arrest and trial and crucifixion.

And as they discussed all of this, a stranger walked up (spoiler alert – it was Jesus) and he was like “hey what are you guys talking about?” They did not recognize him and so they told the story of Jesus’ life, ministry and death at which point they then speak what are maybe the 3 saddest words in scripture: We Had Hoped.

We had hoped Jesus was the one to redeem us. Instead, Jesus is dead and it is we who are defeated. Those two disciples started with hope and ended with disappointment.

If you are interested, I encourage you to read her entire post. It is even better if you listen to her audio address as your read along.


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