Friday’s Favorite Blogs of the Past Week 5-17-13

These are among the favorite blogs I read this past week. I hope you find some of them useful! Do you have favorite blogs for me to read?

‘Gay Christian’ is not an Oxymoron

In the context of gay issues, Justin Lee of the Gay Christian Network discusses the way many evangelicals relate to those with whom they disagree, “I’m still an evangelical Christian, but one thing is now crystal clear to me. American evangelicals’ bad reputation isn’t just because of what we believe. It’s mostly because of how we behave.”

The Closet

Jim Peoples tells a humorous personal story to make the point that we should forgive others and ourselves instead of holding on to animosity.

Geza Vermes, Josephus, and Jesus

The Jewish historian Josephus, who was born about the time of Jesus’ death, mentions Jesus in his history. This short blog on Vermes’ recent death includes a 3:26 minute video of Jewish scholar Vermes establishing the authenticity of the restored text of Josephus’ witness to the historicity of Jesus.

What Tsarnaev gets wrong about Islam

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bomb suspects, reportedly wrote that “an attack against one Muslim is an attack against all”, appealing to the ideal of the universal Muslim community. Hussein Rashid contends that there is not, nor has there ever been, such a community. Muslims have fought Muslims from the beginning, and the Tsarnaev attacked Muslims along with others in the Boston bombing.

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