Friday’s Favorite Blogs of the Past Week

These are among the favorite blogs I read this past week. This is the first week I have compiled favorite blogs and I plan to do so each week. What do you think?

1. Inerrancy: If it Was Good Enough for Jesus…. (a panel discussion at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Peter Enns reviews the video of the discussion and responds briefly to 34 points that were made.

“Mohler felt it was their responsibility as “good stewards” of Scripture to speak “truthfully” about the Bible and to have that discussion videotaped for general viewing and edification. Their concern was to refute the continued “attacks” on inerrancy from outside and inside of evangelicalism that threaten Christian orthodoxy.”

2. Why Religion and Terrorism Are Opposites

Muslim Hesham A. Hassaballa explains why increased religious zeal is NOT consistent with terrorism.

3. The Truth about Evolution

Todd Wood, an honest young-earth creationist, says:

“Evolution is not a theory in crisis. It is not teetering on the verge of collapse. It has not failed as a scientific explanation. There is evidence for evolution, gobs and gobs of it. It is not just speculation or a faith choice or an assumption or a religion. It is a productive framework for lots of biological research, and it has amazing explanatory power. There is no conspiracy to hide the truth about the failure of evolution. There has really been no failure of evolution as a scientific theory. It works, and it works well.”

4. Does Paul’s Theology Require a Historical Adam?

Peter Enns discusses Daniel Kirk’s post on whether an historical Adam is important to Paul’s theological point in Romans chapter 1. His conclusion is that it is not and he explains why.

5. Biblical Accounts of Origins: Slideshow 4 from Denis Lamoureux

Denis Lamoureux explains how the Genesis creation accounts were written and why they are important, but not historical, stories (with slideshow). For those interested in the question of evolution and the Genesis creation story, this is one of the best presentations I have ever seen. I already agree with this position, but I have NEVER seen it explained so clearly.

6. Letter to a Concerned Christian Friend–+encouraging+ex-Christians&utm_content=ExChristian.Net+–+encouraging+ex-Christians

Christians often do not realize how others view them. One way I keep myself honest in my explanations is by reading and interacting with informed atheists. Here is an excellent example. The author shares with a Christian friend why he is no longer a Christian. I commented on this blog, so my response is also there.

7. How Were We Born…Good vs. Evil?

NotJustaBlonde denies that we are born evil sinners. See her reasons why.

“Are we born essentially good or are we evil sinners from the start? Many people believe that we are inherently bad and require Jesus to transform us into something completely new. They believe only Jesus can increase our value… turn us from someone despicable into someone acceptable to God.”

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