The Most Important Thing to Know about Jesus

Of all the things we know about Jesus, what is the most important thing? I contend that it is the significance of the resurrection. It is the absolute foundation of my belief; everything else is based on this. And I hold this basis in common with other believers.

The Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus energized his frightened and disappointed followers. The resurrection of Jesus demonstrates that he is more than just a teacher. The resurrection of Jesus demonstrates his power over death and secures our own future resurrections. 

The resurrection of Jesus is what causes me to pay attention to Jesus so intently. It guides my entire life and leads me to believe and accept the wonderful things he says about the Father. More than the cross, itself, I see the significance of the resurrection.

Jesus More Important than Baggage Issues

I believe strongly in Jesus, but I do not subscribe to a lot of the baggage that has been attached to his message. Because of this, many believers dismiss me as a deluded Christian (or worse) because I don’t think the Father punishes anyone in a torturous burning fire, or because I don’t think homosexuality is a sin, or because I don’t think Adam is an historical figure.

I’m not complaining; disagreements don’t bother me. But these issues, important as they are, are small compared to the resurrection of Jesus. We believers share this important belief, and I am ready to take communion with, or wash the feet of, anyone who believes in Jesus and his resurrection. The resurrection is central to the story of Jesus, which brings me to what is perhaps my favorite song of all time.

Jesus’ Followers Were in Despair

The followers of Jesus had high expectations of him and anticipated amazing accomplishments. They believed he was going to do something remarkable and of great importance. Then suddenly he was dead. He was captured and killed by the establishment—the same as every other popular movement leader of those Roman times.

Not only that, but his followers went into hiding to avoid the same fate. They were afraid and depressed. Fearfully, they awaited a dreaded knock at the door, but more than that they felt deep despair in that everything they lived and worked for was gone in a matter of hours. All their exalted hopes had come to nothing.

And then…

No person I know of has captured that moment better than Don Francisco.  I can listen to his song repeatedly and it always gives me chills. Hear what he says:

The Resurrection Changed Everything

Jesus was dead…and now HE’S ALIVE! He defeated death and brings us eternal life!

Your observations and comments below are welcome.
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11 Responses to The Most Important Thing to Know about Jesus

  1. Michael Tully says:

    Agreed, brother, without reservation. Without the historical fact of the Resurrection, the whole of Christianity crumbles. But because it’s true, the gates of hell will never prevail.


    • Jesus Without Baggage says:

      I like your statement, Michael. It is powerful: “Without the historical fact of the Resurrection, the whole of Christianity crumbles.”


  2. I completely agree. Without the resurrection I would have little reason to listen to Jesus any more than anyone else.


  3. Peggy Witt says:

    Yes! I also love “He’s Alive” by Don Francisco.


  4. I just love that you can say it all without thought! I have wanted to do a whole post on my belief that homosexuality is not a sin… I have not done so for fear of what the “Christian” community would think (including my family)! So very glad you started this blog, Tim! Finally I’m not feeling so all alone 🙂


    • Akismet, I certainly understand your reluctance. In fact, I can’t say it ‘without thought’; I know that many in the Christian community (including my family) will dismiss me for saying it. But my entire blog is to support those believers who question aspects of what they have been taught to believe–baggage. If you feel less alone, then I have accomplished exactly what I hoped to accomplish.

      Thanks for your boldness to comment about it!


  5. Marc says:

    Thanks for another well focused post Tim. Today, we Orthodox Christians are celebrating Pascha (Easter), so let me just share this: Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!


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